Sunday, June 27, 2010

#3 symptoms and a quick update

Ok so I'm two days shy of 15 weeks and I can honestly say this is the best pregnancy so far (knock on wood). Aside from the normal first trimester fatigue and headaches that I had with Aidan and Savannah the only other thing that is symptomatic is my weird craving for broccoli cheese soup and baked potatoes SMOTHERED in bacon, butter and cheese. I mean I always liked baked potatoes but now I eat one almost daily. I get them at work, I have Ben bring some home, or I scrap up change to get one at Wendy's. What is more ridiculous is the broccoli soup thing. I can count how many times I have had broccoli cheese soup in my life....three. But it is all I think about....weirder still because it is freaking 90 degree's outside!

I am still convinced that this baby is a boy. Ben is convinced that it is a girl. Only a few more weeks until we know for sure. Aidan is excited about having another sibling but he is on Team Blue as he wants a little brother now. Speaking of my little man he got a "daddy haircut" and looks like he has aged 3 years to me. I can not believe how big he is getting. I feel like yesterday I was helping him learn to he's jumping into pools and writing his name beautifully.

Savannah had an overnight at Hasbro Children's Hospital last week for an observational overnight to monitor her oxygen levels when she sleeps since she stops breathing every once in a while and then takes fast huge gulps of air afterward. Her oxygen levels never dropped more than 1% so they did other assessments and then decided that she was ok to go home until a more in-depth sleep study could be done in July in Boston. They also figured out that she doesn't need early intervention....she's just content (lazy) and will do things when she wants. Which is apparently what my sister did as well, according to my mom.

Ok back to the Sunday grind...clean clean clean...just so it can get destroyed tomorrow and Ben can say I don't do housework. *eyeroll*