Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Worst Ever

My son hates me.

I could see it in his eyes as I packed up a box of his favorite toys today as punishment. I am not throwing them out, just taking them and putting them in our parental hiding place until he earns them back. We did this once before and it worked great but his time he is SO upset. He has been crying for over thirty minutes and won't come near me, or let me near him.

Sometimes being a parent is the WORST EVER.

I just want to go cry in MY room now.

The Ninja

Today the Ninja figured out how to get to the cookies while I was in the shower. Awesome.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Hey mommy"

Conversations with my three year old are unforgettable. This happened in the car today.

"Hey Mommy"
"Yes, Aidan"
"Do you know, the muffin man?"
"The muffin man?" (trying to hold in my hysterical laughter)
"Yes Mommy, the muffin man."
"Who lives on Drury Lane?"

Aidan laughs, I laugh, and I note that Shrek has been watched one too many times.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Take Two (re-post)

I had to continue my old blog here because of my email/name change it was a pain in the ass to log into my two blogs. I am going to post my older but most recent posts from the old blog here so that I don't lose some of it.


Monday, January 19, 2009


Four, FOUR of my very very very close friends, all of whom were at my wedding in late November are getting divorced/seperated.

Ben and I are now put in a wonderful situation of choosing sides, because none of these are ending nicely.

One of the couples were actually already filing for divorce three weeks before my wedding but because she was in the bridal party didn't want to upset me so she didn't tell me...

I justt want to yell; WTF!!!! Don't you know what the vows mean?! Better or worse and all those things you said and VOWED in front of family and friends (and for some God). I am so disgusted I don't even want to talk to any of them, and they are my closest friends. Marriage is my religion, so when it is so easily disregarded it upsets me. It was never about the pretty dress, and the perfect centerpieces it was about making an oath to one person, forever.

Saddest part, they have all been married for less than four years, but have all known each other for the better part of a decade. What the hell happened?

This is not making my morning sickness any easier. I just want to vomit.

And it hits....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hazards of Pregnancy

I was very fortunate to not have a single day of morning sickness with my son Aidan.

This child I fear is not so nice to me. At week seven I had my first REAL encounter with my previously eaten meals due to the fact that from the hours of 1:45am-5:22am my expanding ass was parked in front of our toilet, with as Bill Cosby would say "my face in a place that was never built for my face". Over and Over and OVER till there was literally nothing left in my body....oh but wait we can dry heave for an hour after that.

My throat is burning from the bile from my stomach. My legs hurt from being in front of the toilet so long. I have a headache, I think from NOT SLEEPING TONIGHT.

So for anyone out there who thinks "having a baby will be fun" beware, you spend a good portion of it camping out like this.....

All I have to say is...this one better be a freakin girl.

Aidan story from Jan 2008

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The tramatizing of a three year old

So today I did something that I used to hate that my parents did, although it was VERY affective I can still hear him sniffling ten minutes later.

I asked, politely three times and sternly 3 times for my son to pick up his toys in the living room and put them in his bedroom. I don't expect him to put them away away just in his room and tomorrow we'll put them away all clean tomorrow as we usually do. Tonight all hell broke loose. He refused to clean them up and after almost an hour of begging him I told him to take a seat in the time out chair, he then hit me, a new thing for him, and at that point did the one thing I HATED as a kid. Oh I didn't hit him back, I made him stand with his nose in the corner while I picked up every last toy and put them out of reach on top of the fridge.

I then got down on my knees and eye to eye explained that he can't have his toys if he can't take care of them and maybe tomorrow if he remembers how to listen and put his toys away he can slowly earn them back.

This is all the worst ending to an awesome day.

Because on the flip side...he went all day with out an "accident" and used the potty FIVE times. Which has never happened before. I just think that one does not erase the other, you don't get to use the potty and then forget your manners and respect for others.

My heart is achey though....cause I know the corner sucks.

Maybe we'll cuddle up and watch a movie after dinner.....He is a Mama's boy after all. ;)

January/October 2008

Monday, January 5, 2009

WOW time flies

A lot has happened since my last post in October. Here's a quick recap....

I got married to my wonderful prince on november 22nd as planned and enjoyed an amazingly romantic 12 night honeymoon at the Caribbean Beach Resort in Orlando Florida, on Disney Property. It was gorgeous and there were hardly any children around, very nice resort indeed. We decided to spend the first 8 nights of our honeymoon alone and then we would move to the guest room at our friend Mike's house for the last 4 nights and call it our Partymoon catching up with our closest friends over dinner and drinks and our normal shennanagins. Literally had the time of our lives but we have to admit we were both missing the little monster back home by day 5, horribley missing him by day 8 and by day 11 I was crying. That aside it was the trip of a lifetime for us.

We were harshly shoved back into reality when we returned home and my job offer from the Alzheimers clinic was no longer good, they were actually laying people off now. Not to mention Ben's AMAZINGLY paying engineer job decided to cut his hours from full time, with no limitations on overtime to 24 hours a week max. Heartbroken, and defeating all viable options we had to turn to friends and family for help. Which we will never do again. If I wanted to be kicked while I was down and have salt rubbed in my wounds I can do that myself thank you. We decided AT THE VERY LAST MINUTE to go on our honeymoon, literally 4 days before the wedding, knowing that even though we didn't have a lot of money we were getting married and could work our asses off upon our return. I don't regret taking the time we did for us. We never have alone time, and it was perfect. Even if we did eat pizza and cheap food all week...I wouldn't trade our honeymoon for anything....except maybe our original honeymoon plans for Paris. ;)

December was a burden of news....my best friend went through hell and back with her husband, she is so strong, I could never do what she is doing. God bless her. One the morning of our family holiday party we found out that Ben's lifelong neighbor Graydon had passed away from a heart attack in the driveway plowing snow from the night before. I knew Graydon quite a bit more than I think people know. All summer when I go to have weekday lunches with Suzy in the back yard Graydon would always play with Aidan. Throwing a ball over the yards or just running around. He was such a warm hearted man. It is awful that less than a week before Christmas he passed away. I have made a few meals for Sheila his wife since then and actually have a lasagna sitting in the fridge that I am going to bring over tomorrow.

In more December news I found out 3 more, making 13 total women I know are pregnant!!! Including ME!!! I am so unbelievabley overjoyed and really made for the best christmas gift Ben and I have ever gotten. (Aside from pissing off the FL crew by moving our Ireland trip to 2010) In our first year as husband and wife the only thing we were able to give to one another was each other.....and it was perfect.

I started working on my first ever knitted patterns in December as well....a sweater for Jenny's baby and a blanket for Kristen's (although I have other surprises up my sleeve for her as well). She really has become a truly good friend. I am so lucky that we were able to put all our shit behind us, quite grown up of us if I do say so myself. :) Can't wait to see my first niece!!! Kristen is due Feb 25th! SO EXCITED!!!

Well I am going to attempt to try to get some sleep....insomnia is my middle name lately.

OH and I started another blog....TheRecoveringHousewife.blogspot.com

I am keeping it fairly anonymous and using it as a vent thread mainly ;)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I post on this blog because it is a bit more private then the one I keep on Myspace, and a lot of my close friends are on myspace. I am so happy for the TEN women I know, that are a part of my life, that are preggers. And although I am psyched and so happy for every woman around me that is pregnant, I am more upset that I WAS and now I'm not. It isn't that everyone is having babies that bothers me....its that I WAS one of THEM.....

Its like going to the valentines day dance the day AFTER your boyfriend breaks up with you...your more upset that you were THIS CLOSE then that your single....that is the best analogy that I have.

Thats all on that.

But seriously, Ten, TEN women I know are preggers. It blows your mind.

We apparently were all super fertile in 2008....except me....who WAS and then wasn't.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Economic Apocolapse

So yesterday after a long talk with my father in law to be, my mother, best friend Meg and fiance I left my job. In doing so they let Ben go as well. He was working there part time at night and they recently only scheduled him one night a week, and scheduled me on the "off" shifts. In restaurant talk this means I make about $25-$45 dollars a shift, about $100-$130 a week. Less than minimum wage. With the wedding being around the corner, literally and our honeymoon still not paid for we decided that even if I only found a temporary job till the wedding the payments would be more than what I am making working FULL TIME at the restaurant. The issue with this plan is our gas bill is due, our electric has been flagged for termination, we still don't have wedding rings, or made final payments to the DJ, Photographer or Reception site, nor have we paid October's rent or any of our credit card payments AND the car payment is due next week too.

Wanna talk about panic. I feel like my whole world is falling apart. Like I can't even be excited for what truley is going to be the happiest day of my life. Its just so.....stressful and.....disheartening.

I just want to drink loads of wine and stay in bed.

But I can't, cause I have a three year old. And I can't afford wine.

This was a bad week to quit smoking.....

Take Two

I had to continue my old blog here because of my email/name change it was a pain in the ass to log into my two blogs. I am going to post my older but most recent posts from the old blog here so that I don't lose some of it.