Monday, March 2, 2009

Aidan story from Jan 2008

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The tramatizing of a three year old

So today I did something that I used to hate that my parents did, although it was VERY affective I can still hear him sniffling ten minutes later.

I asked, politely three times and sternly 3 times for my son to pick up his toys in the living room and put them in his bedroom. I don't expect him to put them away away just in his room and tomorrow we'll put them away all clean tomorrow as we usually do. Tonight all hell broke loose. He refused to clean them up and after almost an hour of begging him I told him to take a seat in the time out chair, he then hit me, a new thing for him, and at that point did the one thing I HATED as a kid. Oh I didn't hit him back, I made him stand with his nose in the corner while I picked up every last toy and put them out of reach on top of the fridge.

I then got down on my knees and eye to eye explained that he can't have his toys if he can't take care of them and maybe tomorrow if he remembers how to listen and put his toys away he can slowly earn them back.

This is all the worst ending to an awesome day.

Because on the flip side...he went all day with out an "accident" and used the potty FIVE times. Which has never happened before. I just think that one does not erase the other, you don't get to use the potty and then forget your manners and respect for others.

My heart is achey though....cause I know the corner sucks.

Maybe we'll cuddle up and watch a movie after dinner.....He is a Mama's boy after all. ;)

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