Friday, May 14, 2010

What is that I see????

Here is a little of the situation that has been playing out over the last fourteen days....I was late, got BFP, went to doc, got BFP there too, went to ultrasound the next day for dating to figure out how far along I am only to discover that there was a gestational sac but NO BABY growing in my uterus. Something they diagnosed as a Blighted Ovum. Sad, cry, move forward, make doctors appointment for Wednesday May 12th to do follow up.

So.... I went to the doctors on the 12th to do a confirmation ultrasound basically to figure out at what stage in my miscarriage I was in, whether I needed a D&C and/or if my body had already started the process and no medical intervention would be necessary. To the entire office's and my own disbelief there on the screen appeared a little peanut....with a heartbeat. The office is calling it the "miracle baby" since it was confirmed quite a few times that there was no baby growing last week BUT this week....there is a perfectly healthy 8 week old baby out of nowhere. They said it was now safe to spread the word and let family know since a strong healthy heartbeat was established multiple times.

I now present you with Bambino Numero three....The third (and unplanned) addition to the Norman Family.

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