Friday, September 17, 2010

An Oath of my family

I want and claim the right for my children to feel appreciated and valued by me and by everyone in our family. I do not want them to ever feel alone or doubt their place in a loving committed family. I want my kids to know and feel that they are loved for who they are, that I am proud of them and that I will always be there for them. I may not endorse everything they do, but I will not ever reject them. If any member of my family feels like their contributions are not being recognized or acknowledged by others in the family, that's not okay....not now, not ever. I believe that children live what they learn and I want to teach them by example that relationships in our family are sacred, to be honored and to be cherished. I know that family life has its ups and downs, its arguments, problems, conflicts and differences of opinion. And that there has NEVER been a family free of rough spots. But I want our family relationships to be so strong that they transend the inevitable daily strife of family living. I want everyone in my famiy to be true to themselves, loving themselves, feeling fulfilled and living with peace and joy.

I do not think this is an impossible thing to accomplish. It just requires dedication and focus. I love you Ben, Aidan, Savvy, and baby yet to be named.


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