Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dunkin Saga

So, things have happened at what feels like a rapid pace since Christmas. I will insert some "back blogs" with pictures soon of Christmas and a few other things most likely tonight or tomorrow. But onto the Dunkin Saga...

January 1st I was promoted after 5 weeks of employement from Crew to Management at Dunkin. I was asked to manage the store inside the Seekonk Walmart. Excited at first over the pay increase, benefits, and the full time status of 40 paid hours I accepted before I KNEW KNEW all the nitty gritty the exact pay increase. They got me for a cheap $9/hour because they could, and because I was promised the big homestore and more money with what would be the expected in "about 3 months" once I learned the ropes at the smaller store. I was fed this awesome string of bullshit about how the team was going to shift around and where everyone would be by Spring and trusted them hook line and sinker. I mean, why wouldn't I? They seemed like a stand up franchise/GM. After all, they out of nowhere bought my family a Christmas tree and all its trimmings this year, even delivered everything as a surprise, once they caught wind that I had three kids and our lack of tree.

But here we are, about a week into March I realized I was not being moved. I mentioned a few times to my boss that I needed more money to stay on as we had discussed. No can do, he says; "me too, believe me". So Ben starts looking for full time day work. And he gets a break, a big break, a career break. We discuss it. He takes the job and I explain to my boss that with no raise, no benefits (vacation, health insurance, anything) I have to do what is right for my family and step down/switch to nights so that I can be home during the day so that my husband can take this opportunity. He says, "absolutely you need to do whats right for your family. I will see what we can do about keeping you on as management here at night instead, but I have to run it by Charlie (the head franchisee)." No biggie right? I gave him 2.5 weeks notice. So...the monday before my last day I mention if he needs help with the schedule or anything for staffing the following week? I ask if he needs me to come in everynight next week to do the books? I ask what my schedule might be? I ask if I am still management? I ask if I'm being moved to a new store? And I ask if he knows what is going on? Has he ordered the change in the donut/bagel case as required by Dunkin Brands so its here as my first day NOT on the schedule is actually the first day of the new menu rollout (window 4). Has he talked to Charlie? This goes on everyday for 5 days....with nothing but vague answers and "I'm working on it" responses. My last day of work was April 1st....which I came in a worked to help my boss out because he misscheduled someone to work who had requested it off months ago...and it was approved and on the approved days off file he has me keep.

It is now April 8th. I have not worked in a week. I have no schedule. I still haven't heard from my boss nor has he returned my phone calls or texts. Except for yesterday when one of my former employees asked if I could work next Saturday. So I am now scheduled for Saturday the 14th from 9am-4pm. Even though I said I could only work till 3 on the weekends. So....let me get this straight, I go from being one of your "aces" to being forgotten about and given 8 hours of work in 14 days.

I am THIS close to saying, I appreciate everything you have done for my family. But I need to have a steady income and I feel like this is completely unfair and unprofessional given the notice I have provided and the work I have done.

But I won't....yet.

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