Saturday, July 18, 2009

5 weeks to go

So my awesome midwife moved my due date up to August 23rd at my last appointment this past Thursday. I am so excited and at the same time completely panicked. Not because the baby will be here but because my house looks like a tornado hit it and I just can't clean fast enough and I know from my recovery from child birth with Aidan if I have another episiotomy I am going to be in even worse shape and now I have a loving in-law family as well as mine that will be visiting my dirty house.

I made a note that on the next not so sunny day I was going to gut the kitchen completely bleaching and washing everything and the floors, do all the laundry (including new baby clothes) and lysol/dust the rest of the house. I got the dusting done today and then couldn't breath. I feel like I am going to puke AGAIN today and I am having a really hard time breathing. Just like I was when they thought there was something wrong with my heart. Ben just came into the bathroom while I was attempting to lysol the toilet clean and scolded me to get up and not do that if I wasn't feeling good. I then had a mini breakdown of tears because I don't want my house messy when company comes to visit over the next few weeks between the shower and Savannah's arrival.

The worst part is it isn't even Aidan. It is just STUFF EVERYWHERE. And I am too pregnant for lack of a better word, to move it all.

So instead of getting the shit done I wanted to today I am going to my mom's to literally wade in her freezing pool and try not to pass out.

What a waste of a day.

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