Sunday, August 9, 2009

T-13 days

13 days till the due date. My back is killing me today and I am becoming increasingly cranky by the day. Today I actually feel sick, like I have a bug or something. Stuffy nose, achy all over, and completely and utterly exhausted. I have a final psych paper due tomorrow by midnight that I am TRYING to get done but just can't seem to get the steam to get the engine moving. Ben has the next two days off so I assume we will be able to completely finish the house (living room is all that's really left) and pack our hospital/labor bag and Aidan's overnight bag just in case he ends up staying over at Megan's. Although I am sure my mother will go snag him as soon as she can cause she is just like that. Which I guess is good because Meg has her own TWO kids to deal with now ;)

Megan, Laura, Jeanine (AKA the Mom Squad) and the kids all came over last Friday and we set up the bouncy house and sprinkler for the kids. I wish I was more hospitable that day as I spent most of the day complaining about being pregnant, crying to Megan or taking a nap. None-the-less they were able to get a few smiles and laughs out of me. I am so thankful for such a supportive circle of Mommy friends. I just wish that my gal pal Jessica and Jen (Megan's good friend) lived closer so we could all get together.

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