Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Our every wish fulfillment

Yesterday I landed a job. A good job. A great job. A life changing job.

Ben and I are so excited and RELIEVED to have TWO APPROPRIATE incomes for the first time in three years.

I am the new Assistant Beverage Manager at Twin River Casino. My staff is quite extensive but I am confident in my abilities to lead and manage them. My only fear is child care. Megan has, as always, offered to be there for us but I don't want her to get burnt out or start to resent my phone calls. For now, just trying to concentrate on the positive, wonderful news that this is.

This is it. We did it. We are on our way out of this black hole of financial quick sand. I woke up this morning and part of me thought it was a dream.

I can not believe it. It is so surreal. Nothing THIS good ever happens to me and Ben, with the exception of each other and our kids of course. I am just waiting for the rug to get pulled out, isn't that sad? I blame my mother. Who coincidentally crapped on my parade within minutes of finding out about the job offer. Her tone is unmistakable.

Today I am trying to take it all in. I look around me and I know that soon my cabinets will be full of my favorite food and not just the store brand crap that we can barely afford. That the piles upon piles of overdue bill are going to be paid, on time and in full. That we are going to have two cars again. That we are going to have a savings account. That my poor over-worked husband is going to only have to work ONE job for the first time in.....FOREVER. That my kids can take dance, and play soccer without me worrying about how I'm going to pay for their uniforms. That that vacation we need SO BADLY in June is actually a graspable reality now. That when my family is sick we can go to the doctor, and its completely paid for. That I have job security because I am now a union member. That in a time of economic crisis, Ben and I are going to come out on top. That we are going to have that house we always wanted. Most importantly, that we can expand our family in 2011 like we dreamed we would but didn't see it financially possible.

Wow. Talk about your every wish fulfillment.

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