Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Still fighting that feeling...

I have wanted to go to medical school for years now. I even have most of my pre-med done, only two classes to go. Once I had Savannah DH and I weighed the options and being home with my children was the winner. Now with a third on the way and knowing I am going to be for the majority of at least the next 5 years a homemaker/stay at home mom, I feel I am put in a pretty good spot to peck away at classes and a higher degree. The problem is you can't peck away at an MD. I still watch Grey's Anatomy, old episodes of ER and all those shows and am instantly in love all over again with going to work in scrubs and wearing gloves 80% of the day.

I also think about going back to NEIT to finish my Surgical Tech degree. At least then I could be in a hospital setting and work per diem for some really good money when I can. But five years after I started that program they are eliminating a lot of those positions and giving the work load to OR Nurses now. I don't want to complete another degree process only to be in a field that is going to be extinguished in a few years.

So I'm still left, fighting that feeling.

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