Thursday, October 14, 2010


My Princess Piglet/Peanut daughter has hijacked our King size bed

On a nightly basis, yes I said nightly, she is in our bed sleeping between me and my husband. She rolls, thrashes, kicks, and all but beats us up in our sleep. She also has a way of making a King size bed feel like three people are sleeping on a twin size mattress. My DH, who lovingly can not part with her and insists she sleep with us nightly has 3/4 of the bed while the princess is habitually pushed to my side of the bed...every night.

Mind you, besides the normal annoyances of having a child sleep between my husband (whom I see rarely because of his schedule) and myslef I am seven months pregnant. So sleeping is not exactly that comfortable for me to begin with. And I take up more room than a NOT seven month pregnant person yet I still seem to be pushed to lay unable to sleep most nights.

It is 5:49am, I should be getting the sleep and rest I need to take on tomorrows activities with the kids. Instead, I am downstairs blogging to kill time and seriously considering sleeping on the couch.

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  1. Time to get that girl out of your bed! You need your rest.