Saturday, November 6, 2010

Employment Rant

I had to turn down a job that I generally would have LOVED today. The money was good, the job itself was JUST what I would have wanted and who would have been my boss would have made an amazing mentor in the field of Psychology. The kicker is this job was at a hospital, which means not only would I FINALLY be working in a hospital but I would be in a Union. I am not so much a fan of being in a union as I am the exclusivity that comes with job opportunities once you are in. Anyway, it was as a therapist. The only catch was of course, as always, the hours. It was a per diem position but for the first five months I needed to be available 3-8pm Monday through Friday. Ben is home Wed and Friday, but that still leaves three other days/nights that I have no sitter for the kids. If the hours were reversed, say 8-3pm or something it would have been much more doable.

I'm just heartbroken.

It was a job in my field, using my degree, in a hospital, with full benefits even at 25 hours...and I had to turn it down. IN THIS ECONOMY I HAD TO TURN DOWN A GREAT JOB.


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