Friday, December 31, 2010

First 30 of the new 101

1. read and finish The Happiness Project
2. find something one on one to do with each child. Like a sport or a hobby just mommy and me activity
3. payoff all credit cards
4. trade in the Corolla for a minivan
5. make a daily schedule for the kids and stick to it. Rotate activities (sports) as the seasons change.
6. get the point where I can set up all my bills to pay automatically and not have to worry about it
7. Study and take the GRE
8. Apply and get accepted into a Masters Program
9. Get back to O-Town
10. Twenty spa visits. Cause I deserve it damn it.
11. Buy a cook book and make everything in it. (ala Julia/Julia style)
12. Get Ben to NYC for a night
13. Ireland
14. Sesame Place with the kids
15. Get in the water with sharks (Typhoon Lagoon is a good start)
16. Knit that blanket for my mom I keep saying I'm going to
17. Learn to quilt
18. Make memory quilt out of the kids baby stuff.
19. Complete the upper arm sleeve
20. Try Lobster
21. Take the family on a picnic with our own longaberger picnic basket
22. Start retirement planning
23. Get life insurance
24. Learn French
25. Learn Spanish
26. Take Ben for a day/night at Cocoa Village. Lunch at Murdocks, is a must and Ultra Lounge for drinks.
27. New Orleans
28. Miami
29. 5 RedSox games
30. Play in a casino poker tournament

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