Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Taking on water....

Our family ship is starting to sink. Oh the love is there and my gosh if we could live on love we would be SO well off but we don't. We live in America where dollars have the bottom line and nothing is as important as the credit score attached to your social security number.

My husband is a hard working man. He works, and he works, and he works. All while learning to juggle a growing family and a wife who requires way too much attention. For the second month in a row we are severely struggling with paying our rent. I am not working out of the house and this lapse in income is starting to weight down our ship. Ben and I made a plan for the next 6 months to get ourselves back on track. He was going to start looking for a full time day job and I was going to wait tables at night for additional income. This satisfied both of us, as he would not have to be a server and I would be able to spend a majority of my time with our young children. However finding a day job is proving to be much harder than we thought. In the past 3 days I have seen the love of my life slowly crumble and give in to depression, a demon I am very familiar with and battle daily myself. I too have applied for many jobs but they don't pay what we need them to. At this point do I keep on looking while we bail the water we are taking on or do I throw in the towel and take the job at the coffee shop for minimum wage during the day because hey, at least its something.

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