Saturday, April 18, 2009

The end of this chapter...thank goodness

Yesterday Ben and I recieved the glorious news that we were chosen to move into a wonderful apartment with a big fenced in back yard, three bedrooms, an office a new kitchen and closer to Ben's family and my best friend Megan. Our new landlord is a peach and she has a great attitude and is definately a people person. I met with her, her husband and their six year old daughter Lily yesterday to take a closer look at the property. Ben has 100% faith in my decision and trusted to be the eyes for both of us. I've gotta say, it almost feels like a house. We have the second and third floors and our first floor neighbor is actually a really nice single mother with a six year old boy named Josh, who played with Aidan in the yard for over an hour while I chatted with everyone. When you are on the second floor you don't even realize you are on a higher floor unless you look out one of the twenty bright windows around the space. It is very solid and soundproof. The neighborhood is SUPER quiet, a nice change from our loud main street apartment now and is filled with families. In my hour and a half at the property I saw three different families all with children around Aidan's age riding bikes up and down the street.

The thrid floor of the apartment is most likely going to be a Ben and Me only zone. A place for just us. We are thinking of turning the second bedroom up there into our office and making the office downstairs Aidan's room. Savannah's room will also be downstairs which will make for an easy day with diapers and kitchen access and at night she will sleep in our room, in a bassinett or spare crib.

Here are the few pictures I have;

Overall I couldn't be more pleased. We are finally out of this shit hole with no heat, and I do mean no heat, we use space heaters from Lowes to heat this place. No more pot smoking neighbor downstairs fishbowling our hallway and second floor, no more crazy people flying around this corner at reckless speeds completely dismissing the stop sign, and most importantly for me NO MORE WARREN.

I am once again free of my home town. Let's hope this time I NEVER return to live here.

Ok back to cleaning and packing which is harder than I thought it would be at 21 weeks pregnant.

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