Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In the land of Blah

I am so excited to be moving and at the same time I look around this pit of an apartment I all I feel is blah.

It is so overwhelming. I am trying to pack things and it feels just impossible to get this done. Not to mention that I really don't have the proper tools to do this anyway. I need stuff for packing. I have boxes but no way to tape, label or safely wrap breakables. I have a three year old up my ass all day, I love him but a moment to myself would rock. I am 22 weeks pregnant and my back is really starting to hurt along with feeling fatigue all the time again. All I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep for the next 23 days and just wake up in my new apartment. I have no issues unpacking, I actually LOVE that part. I just hate the packing to begin with.

There is so much to sift through it really is amazing the amount of pure shit you can accumulate in three years.

Ok back to the land of Blah where nothing is fun and everything is....well.....blah.

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