Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What are the chances?

Tomorrow I have my third Ultrasound.
I had one at 10 weeks to confirm hearbeat, Ben bought me an ultrasound package for my birthday at 15.5 weeks when we were told we were having a girl and now at 19.5 weeks my doc has ordered one for the medical documentation. She wants to make sure the baby is healthy, growing at the proper rate, has enough amniotic fluid, oh...and wants to make sure it is actually a girl.

When she said that I nearly fell off the table.

"You mean there is actually a possibility that the people who do gender ultrasounds for a living may be wrong about us having a girl?"

"Oh yes it happens all the time. Especially in early predicted girls"

I got a bit light headed then and asked for a glass of water. My doc then checked my pulse which is usually really low and smiled saying "well at least your blood pressure just went up a bit".

Not funny lady. Reeeeeeeeeeally not funny.

So tomorrow is the big day. At 10:45am Ben will be holding my hand as we find out YET AGAIN if we are having a boy or a girl.

I did the research and a LOT of sites say not to get your hopes up until 18-20 weeks and even then to get confirmation of gender after week 26.


Everyone think pink girly princess thoughts please.

My sister-in-law is in for one hell of an afternoon if this goes masculine. I am going to camp out on her couch crying until I am out of tears. I am sure her and my baby niece will make me feel better either way. They have a way with doing that.

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  1. You're still having a girl! You're more than welcome to stop by anytime - You don't only have to come if you're upset =]

    I thought lots of girly princess thoughts for you. I had to have six ultrasounds because of the Down Syndrome scare and each time I asked them to confirm that she was still a girl. When we first found out, I was 19 weeks, but I was still nervous. I think part of you always wonders if they're wrong.

    So happy that I will have a niece - Now I will have one of each! <3