Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breathing again

So, I've started breathing again. My bestest and I got our kids together yesterday afternoon for a few hours of fun at the children's museum. It was our first time hanging out since the awful day we discovered that my son has "extreme/intense temperament" and assaulted one of her kids, badly. I feared for the last few weeks that our friendship would end over this event and even though neither of us would have seen it coming it still pained me to an insanely guilty state. I mention Meg in a lot of my blog entries so I am sure anyone who reads knows what she means to me. She is my rock. I have been at a loss in the last few weeks without her. I didn't want to over crowd her and in advice from a mutual friend gave her the time and space to heal a bit and then contact me. When I saw her yesterday at the museum I wanted to jump out of my chair, give her the biggest hug and just start crying (a mix of both joy and sadness, sadness over what happened but joy over the fact that she was there in front of me once again).

But I didn't. I stayed put in my seat, fed Savs and we went about our normal conversation. I can not believe how big her son has gotten and how fast he is moving/running around! I missed him. I missed her. I missed our little jumble of freak show kiddie fun together. You know how they say it takes a village? Not true. It takes one reeeeeeeeeeally good friend who understands what you mean, how you feel, and what your going to do.... before you even have to say it. That's Meg.

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