Sunday, April 17, 2011


17th day of the 17 day diet. I'm done with Cycle One and start Cycle Two tomorrow. I was successful in having no alcohol for C1 but I slipped twice with bread (once at brunch with June and again today out to dinner with the family), I was able to avoid cheese, peanut butter and pasta the entire 17 days...which I am super proud of myself for. I did have a HUGE slip on day 12 when I ate thin mints, and a donut....and a burger from burger king but I actually felt awful (literally sick to my stomach) the remainder of the day/night and into the next morning. I didn't exercise everyday for 17 minutes but I would say I did 11 out of the 17 days, some days for an hour at the Y. I learned I actually love green tea and it is possible to drink 64 ounces of water a day. All in all I am excited to start the next cycle and see what I can do with that. I'm happy to state that I have lost 10.4 pounds so far. 15 to go! Off to bed now...I've got a cardio class in the AM.

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