Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week from Hell

This week was easily one of the worst weeks of my life. Violette Rose is terribly ill. Multiple trips to Hasbro by ambulance and alternating that with trips to the pediatrician in the last four days has left Ben and I at the end of a very quickly fraying rope. Vi has been diagnosed with Severe RSV Brochiolitis. It is a common cold type virus but when infants get it it is harder to treat, fight, and control. Especially when they are only 4 months old like Vi. RSV can then lead to pneumonia or brochiolitis. We got the option two...and today were told that maybe even the start of option one. Fabulous. Vi also has a baby yeast infection, an ear infection and thrush. She is on a nebulizer round the clock until further notice and has to be seen by the pediatrician everyday for the next 5 days. Apparently this is the worst of it they say. The first week is the then plateaus symptoms for a week, and finally in week three they start to recover. In the meantime, since we have seen her turn blue, choke on her own mucas, and basically scare the living shit out of us Ben and I are on shifts never sleeping at the same time so that one of us can always have an eye and ear on her. Ben takes Midnight to 5am and I get up at 5am and he sleeps until Lunch at noon. Then at 1:30pm I get another hour or so of sleep while thing one and two are napping and he stays up with Vi. Then he goes to work at 4 and I am up till midnight when the whole thing starts again. Not my idea of a good time but when you are a parent you do what you need to do for your kids. And we would do anything.

In other news from Hell this week, The Cake Biz was denied its business license because the kitchen that I rent was not up to date with all of its kitchen safety, building inspection, fire code crap. This made me cry almost the entire way home from our meeting with the fire marshal since I have put everything we have into this business and I'm paying rent for a place that is not what I signed up to pay rent for. I can't get my business license till they fix this now, which means I can not advertise, or buy my supplies wholesale, or legally run my business now. I mean I physically can, the catering company is still functioning in there and they give you X amount of days to fix the issues so its not on lockdown or anything but it is just the point. It was supposed to be an easy transition into the Providence location and its turning into a headache. First with my fridge not working, being repaired and STILL not working correctly and now this. My head wants to explode. I laugh to keep from crying.

On Easter's Eve I was slammed and baking from 8am-11pm straight when I had to make a new batch of cream cheese frosting. I made it. I flipped the switch on the hobart mixer off and went to stick my pinky in to take a taste, er, quality check inspection, when WHAM! My hand, wrist and lower arm are pulled FORCEFULLY into the paddle on the machine mashing my hand between it and the steel bowl. Yeah, not my brightest moment. End result; 3 fractures in my right hand and a dislocated bone...and A LOT of swelling and bruising. But I'm a business owner damn it and I had orders to fill. I left the hospital at 1am, after driving myself there from The Cake Biz at 11:15pm, professionally wrapped by medical staff only to rip it off the second I got back to The Cake Biz and realized I could not hold a pastry bag or ice cookies with the splint on. Ah well. Today is 4 almost 5 days later and my hand still hurts when I pick up Savannah or write with a pen but other than that I feel fine. I think being overly distracted with Vi is actually helping to keep my mind off of it.

Vi has also helped to keep my mind off my diet and my ass out of the gym. Tomorrow's weight in should be a doosey.

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