Friday, April 8, 2011


So I have officially lost 6 pounds this week! Holy Crap! Today is my seventh day of eating healthy. This week I have gone to a pilates class, a zumba class, and took two long walks with all three kids (pushing 50lbs of kid in the stroller). I haven't eaten a single slice of bread or bite of pasta and oh my goodness do I want cookies and a donut BUT I can see the numbers dropping and that gives me great motivation to keep going.

In other news I FINALLY got my phoenix tattoo fixed today by the fabulous Heather Smith of Mandrake Tattoo in Raynham. If you need work done I HIGHLY recommend her. Great artist, super clean shop, and amazing talent.

Off to bed...that treadmill will be calling in the morning!


  1. Your journey so far is fantastic, I am sure it helps that you are exercising so much more than the 17 minutes. I know I really need to get back into the diet - but my 8 pound loss has me feeling a lot more confident. Congratulations!

  2. I'm trying! I had my first breakdown today....I was meeting a friend for brunch and the bacon on her plate was killing I ordered a side for myself. Now I feel IMMENSE guilt. I caved for the first time on day eleven. :( Going to kick my own ass at the gym tomorrow for that!