Tuesday, June 23, 2009

67 days

Only 67 days left until Savannah's due date. My feet are sore and swollen on a daily basis now but happily I am still stretch mark free, just like I was for Aidan. So thankful for my good genes and elastic stomach. The new house still looks like we just moved in even though we have been here a month. Mainly due to my lack of mobility and because Ben's time out of work is so sensitive I try not to ask him to do anything other than take the garbage out or to carry the occasional load of laundry up or down the two flights of stairs for me. The highly intrusive waves of fatigue from the first trimester have re-emerged at literally the worst possible time. It is raining out, and has been for the past 23 days so my SAD is in full swing on top of having my hardest college class to date I am just as mentally drained as I am physically drained.

On a side note Graduation date has been set for me, May 8th is when I walk the stage to get my BA in Psychology. My classes are actually over the beginning of March so I have two months of job hunting open while I wait for the diploma. I am excited to see Iowa for the first time, not so excited that we may have to leave the kids behind for a smoother trip. There is a good chance we'll be driving though so who knows maybe they will tag along anyway. I'd love to look at them from the stage when I get my diploma, knowing my husband and children are my driving force behind my education it will be a nice moment for me.

Back to the real reason for this post, 67 days till baby! I really need to get cracking on setting up the mini nursery in our room that we are going to make for her. I have allotted the space and know where things are going to go it is just a matter of getting them. I already ordered the wall wording "Believe in Fairies" for over her crib. Really I can't do much until I have the fabric in for the bedding and the crib. Maybe I can start on that next week. She is so active now. Moving my entire belly when she moves and "hiding" in various spots in my stomach, which has actually led to a pretty neat new game Ben and I play with my belly called "where's the baby?" where we feel around and try to find her.

67 days.

I can not wait to meet her.

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