Monday, June 15, 2009

Rambles and Thoughts that are swimming in my brain...

I have so much to do before the baby gets here and not enough money to do it. What else is new right? Ben and I are finally in the groove of our budget and tackling all the elements head on. I just wish my shower was closer so that I could "nest" the gifts and set up for Savannah and such. I find it really disheartening that my grandfather (Mauck) passed away yesterday and didn't get to see his great granddaughter. Especially since this is the only grandparent I currently talk to. He had lung cancer and said to my mother "I don't want to die, why can't they fix me?" right before he passed away.

I am in a statistics class, as I blogged about earlier and I really need to get cracking on the studying. I am ashamed to say I am skating by this class because of my lack of motivation to do said work. I find it tedious and boring. I like psychology because of all the theory involved. Statistics, even for social sciences, is still just a fancy name for math. I loathe math.

Scrabble has become a weeknight event in our home. I enjoy this quiet time with my husband very much and am so lucky to have someone that is truly a companion in my life.

I had to rip apart the bell bottom pants I was knitting for Sav because on Saturday I knit the wrong side and had to undo it and when I did that and then purled (pearled?) as I was supposed to I dropped THREE stitches and didn't notice until SEVEN rows later. Unable to be as awesome as my friend Meg and just fix the damn stitch I ripped it apart in hormonal anger and started all over again last night.

My belly is really starting to get in the way now. I can hardly bend over and going up the stairs is a pain in the ass. And riding in the car is almost torture, they really should make a bra for your belly when your pregnant so it is fully supported. lol. Bumps and such in the road really make for an uncomfortable ride. I can not believe she is going to be here in approximately ten and a half weeks!

On a trip to Lowes yesterday I finally decided on a paint color for the living room (which has become Mommy's room), it's called Chilled Wine and is this kind of merlot/wine/purpleish red color. Once I finish putting this damn living room in order I will be painting, hopefully tomorrow, and will take pictures to post once I'm done.

My mother and step dad offered me, Ben, Aidan and Savannah the time share in Florida next June for a week and we are SO EXCITED!!!! This means I will definitely be able to take Aidan to see Mickey Mouse next year! (not to mention shop for GIRLY things at Disney for our baby girl.)

I got to see my gorgeous niece today and she is such a riot. Grunting and laughing and baby talking to us, I just can not believe how big she has gotten since February. She holds her head up and you can see in her beautiful eyes that she is thinking about what she wants and she just can't quite get her body to do it yet.

Ben and I were chatting in the car today and realized that if I work and he works the way he is for one year and we just direct deposit my paycheck into a savings account that at the end of the year we could be in a house, a nice house, with land. Oh and I am really considering going to VT for a night or two with the hubby. Just have to find a time that is right for us. It will be hard now that we will have two kids. Gosh I can't believe it...I'm going to have kidS. Plural. As in more than one. I am so fucking lucky and blessed. It may not look perfect to anyone on the outside but I really do have the best life ever. I never thought I would be this happy. I didn't even think it was possible. See, Cinderella is not the only one who gets the happily ever after fairytale. ;)


  1. Who's going to watch the babies when you're both working? So excited for you guys to go to Disney. I can't wait until Liv is old enough to go and actually do something.

    Are you guys still moving to CT when you get a house? :(

  2. It won't be until I have my degree in March, by then Savannah will be 6-7 months old and can enroll in the nursery school/daycare I love that Aidan went to. Also at that time next year Aidan will be in preschool. Plus with my degree I may even be able to find a hospital with child care to work in. :)

  3. I wish I could afford to put Bean in daycare so that the grannies wouldn't have to watch her every day :( I feel so bad