Sunday, June 7, 2009

Statistics is the current evil in my life

I took my first quiz for statistics tonight. I was going to wait for Ben to get home so he could sit with me while I took it in case I needed his help and then in a burst of self righteousness I decided that the whole point of a quiz is to test your knowledge of the subject so far. If Ben were to help me then technically I am not doing myself any service. I have never been a good math student. I get easily stressed out and overwhelmed and have the worst test anxiety ever. Ben has told me to reverse my thinking and so I did, I studied the chapter, reading it twice and practiced the problems throughout the chapter. I felt fully prepared to venture into my timed online quiz tonight without Ben's help. So I did....and this student, who in the last 4 classes has had a final average above 97 got a 75 on her statistics quiz.

I give up.

I am going to contact my old professor at BCC and see if he is available for tutoring this week before I fall farther behind.

@#$%!!! There goes the GPA!! I KNEW IT!!!

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