Friday, June 26, 2009

Anniversary Switch-a-roo

Ben and I were at IKEA today and we fell in love with a bed they had there. Only it is going to cost us around $1200 for the whole package and since this is actually what we said we were going to get as our wedding gifts for each other last November we made a brilliant decision today to scrap our NYC vow-renewal and to BUY OURSELVES OUR DREAM BED!! We still want to renew our vows every year and we want to renew them in every state so this year since we are switching to the new bed idea we are going to renew our vows in Rhode Island lol. We are also going to stick with our plans to send the children to Mom's for the weekend so that we can have our own private time. Which will most likely now be spent in our new KING size bed from heaven. :) I keep trying to find a picture that does the setup we picked justice but I just can't. Next time I go to IKEA I'll have to take a picture.

YAY for no more sleeping on a mattress on the floor! FANTASTIC ANNIVERSARY IDEA & GIFT!


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