Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EKG madness

So today at my primary care doctor's office she decided I needed another round of EKGs apparently the ones they took at Women & Infants AND Rhode Island Hospital on May 9th were not good enough for her. I rolled my eyes when she left the room but I am actually so thankful that she did the EKG. Today they discovered that the left side of my heart, which pumps blood throughout my entire body, is enlarged. This is what she believes is giving me the loss of breath episodes and dizziness. She said it is not pregnancy or hormone related she tested my electrolytes, sugar level, iron level and thyroid since these have all been slight issues in the past but all those tests came back normal. Now I have to go to a cardiologist next week, get fitted for a halter monitor that I have to wear for 24-48 hours to keep track of my heart, and get an ultrasound of my heart to find out if there is any other abnormalities in there and what/where exactly the problem is coming from. The highlight of all of this...Savannah is completely unaffected and perfectly healthy. It's just mommy.

I've been instructed to "take it easy" no lifting, no carrying laundry up stairs, no picking up Aidan, nothing strenuous. I was told to take daily walks, but to make sure someone is always with me, to try and strengthen my heart and blood pressure slowly. After a few weeks and once all my test results are back I can start slowly swimming at the YMCA, this way all the weight pressure is off my body and I can just concentrate on slow cardio with first aid present. Wonderful huh?

I feel bad for Ben most of all. If I have to look at that sad, worried look in his eyes any more I am just going to lose it myself. I am not in any pain, I just have trouble breathing a lot. Since I am only 25 weeks pregnant they also know it is not Savannah pushing on my lungs.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery or better yet a clean bill of health! Being pregnant is more than enough to handle!

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