Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In other news...

We finally moved out of that shit hole in Warren and into our new beautiful and amazing apartment in Cumberland. With the help of Colleen, Mark II, Mark, Denise, Jennise, Gram, Grampa, My Dad and Mom, Mum and Dad Norman, Sarah, Donnie and Jay. It is just amazing how quiet and peaceful it is here. I feel like I am part of a neighborhood it is so nice.

Mable, our 92, year old neighbor hangs out on her porch all day and although she can't hear a single thing she waves and smiles when she sees us. Holly our neighbor downstairs has a six year old boy for Aidan to play with, so far we haven't had any interaction with her since the move really but the day we came to visit the apartment she was very nice so we'll see now that we're here. Kim, David and their six year old daughter Lily live down the street and she rides her bike by almost daily from what I can see from my kitchen and she said hi to Aidan yesterday which totally made his day. The internet, phone and cable were hooked up today and the gas will be all set on Friday. Which feels like forever away since I can't cook or take a hot shower but we're surviving.

The Cake Biz is really up and running now booking two more jobs this week, one for my best friend Megan's step daughter's birthday party and one for a 25 year anniversary party in June. Speaking of parties Mum and Gram told me today that my shower is going to be July 25th!!!! (So that Dad Norman can make it. He doesn't have racing that day). I already emailed the family members that I think it will be toughest to schedule, including my mom, step dad, Kris, and Colleen but I think there is enough notice that it should be OK. I was also informed today that apparently I get no say in my shower, they are planning it and that is the end of it. Oh well, I will pick my battles and as long as I can make my cake I don't care.

Finally got to try The Melting Pot in Providence last Saturday and oh my I could live off their dessert platter I can't wait to bring Megan there for dessert! It was a really fun night out with my husband and Curt and Kristen. I will never forget the marshmallow episode or the "show me angry. BE ANGRY" laugh as we tried to get Curtis to stop eating cheesecake so that the waitress would understand our issue with our dessert (which I won't mention here but the four of us know what happened). Other than that school is killing me the course work is getting harder and much more demanding as I assumed it would be, just not yet. Speaking of which I should go study.


  1. Are you having a Jack and Jill shower?

  2. Yes a jack and jill shower that is not really like a shower, just a giant cookout at the Lake house. The gift thing will be different so no one has to sit around and watch us open them all up. Mum has a great plan for that.

  3. I didn't want to open all my gifts in front of people either. I hate that!