Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Kitchen

Finished the kitchen today. So relieved to have one room done...Although I still need ONE more curtain for over the sink. Still all the oven mits, glasses, silverware, kitchen towels, curtains, curtain rods, place mats, napkin holders, dish rack, and household cleaning supplies (I store under the sink) have been replaced plus one new kitchen chair (I need to get the other three replaced eventually too). Total investment for new kitchen; $102. Here are some pictures of our before aka old apartment kitchen and our after aka new apartment kitchen.

We were super congested and cluttered in our old kitchen, there wasn't enough room to move in there and the kitchen table had to go in the open space when you first walked into our apartment...which ended up being a "catch all" for all kinds of junk.

Our new place is much more spacious, bright and airy I LOVE IT! These pictures do not do it justice!!!

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