Sunday, May 3, 2009


Is it May 15th yet? Can I move into my new place and start nesting for our new baby and home. I can not wait to get there. I HATE packing. I love to unpack and decorate but the packing stuff really really really sucks. Today I tackled our closet and threw away about 3/4 of it. Ben is no longer in size small and once this baby is born 6 months later I will be done with school and needing to build a professional wardrobe so I am tossing out a lot of my clothes too. Not to worry, most of our clothes are in awesome condition so we are going to donate them to the salvation army down the street. I go there just about once a month to see if they have any maternity clothes so this Wednesday I am just going to drop off some bags to them too.

Aidan helped me purge through his toys this afternoon as well limiting what we will be taking on the move. He is such a good little helper.

We are at pregnancy week number 23 and my back is killing me and I have a feeling I will be unable to move by this evening. The other day when I packed all day that is what happened and since I've been packing nonstop for 4 hours now I am pretty sure I am going to end with the same result tonight. I have currently put on twenty pounds with Savannah, which is still WAY better than I did with Aidan. I am sure I will plateau now especially with our family membership to the YMCA coming so I can swim and do laps while they watch Aidan.

Last Wednesday I participated in RI Idol at a really nice place in Cranston, I had to leave before they gave the results because I had to go get Ben at work and apparently this cost me a spot because me and two other people scored the same score and they needed us to have an additional round of singing and I wasn't there to participate for that. I was contacted by them and told to please come back this Wednesday for the semi-finals and they will decided then if I go on for the finals and the $500 prize but I can not find a sitter. Of course, this is always the way. If they weren't having it on a friggin Wednesday it wouldn't be that big of an issue but no one is ever free when we need them. $500 would allow us to furnish the nursery...but I can't think about it cause I'll cry. I just love how everyone tells me to try for Idol and blah blah blah and then when I do it locally no one can watch Aidan. Ben can not take a night off work because he already has Monday and Thursday nights off for his class so as usual I get to sit home when there is something I want to go to. ok ending that vent.

Tom is going to get de-clawed tomorrow at 8am, I am so nervous for him. I feel so bad but it was that or get rid of him and I absolutely love my cat, he is part of our family and I am not getting letting him go that easy!

I finished my fourth class at Ashford University and received another A bringing my GPA wonderfully high so that I can attempt to get a scholarship for my Masters after this in March 2010. I started the fifth class this past Tuesday and I think this professor is the most insane yet, and has no regard for my life outside of school. The most work assigned yet with a one week deadline.

Oh what I wouldn't give for the Summer off...or a family vacation to Disney. I still can't beleive we aren't going this year...the first time I've missed Mickey in 28 years.


  1. Sorry about the Idol thing. I would watch Aidan if I didn't already have a little monster of my own who needs constant attention.

    And sorry you're missing Mickey this year, but I'm sure you'll make up for it later!

  2. Thanks Kristen, We didn't ask you guys cause we know you have your own hands full over there ;)

    I know it seems stupid to everyone else but Disney is an important place for me, not just cause of Mickey but my best friends and memories are there too (including AMAZING ones with Ben). I just feel like I am missing a part of my life by not visiting