Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

So, after a veeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long day and night at Women and Infants hospital followed by Rhode Island Hopsital I am home, pulmonary embolism free but sick as a dog. (I will save my hell of a mother's day eve for another post).

I was woken up this morning by my little man, Mr. Aidan David saying "happy mothers day mommy" with a giant smile and a bouquet of my favorite flowers, lilacs, lavender and daisies (ok no lavender but I got lavender soap so that counts lol). I then went on my annual shopping day with my mom this year we hit the Christmas Tree Shop which was severely cut short by me not being able to breath or be at all comfortable so we high tailed it home and I took a much needed nap when Aidan took his.

With Ben working today Aidan had to put up with a sick mommy so I got Lady and the Tramp and we snuggled in my bed and watched that while we ate pasta dinner and then he headed off to bed while I stuck my head in super hot water trying to clear my sinuses out. After a call to Women and Infants hospital they said it would be ok to take a cold medicine made by Tylenol as long as it wasn't maximum strength. While I wait for my loving husband to come home from work with some meds I willed myself to do my homework so that I don't fall behind and took my exam for this week, shockingly scoring a 90 dispite not being able to concentrate.

I took the kids for what I think is going to be annual pictures this year. Meg took them last Mother's day time so I thought I would treat this time. Here are some of the proofs. Can not wait to pick them up on Thursday.

Happy mother's day mommies!!! We survived another year!!!

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